Professional Quality Assurance and Software Testing in Canada

Using industry-standard approaches, you can improve the quality of your software. Check Mace offers on-demand software testing resources when you need them the most. Our focus is automated testing for web applications.

From manual to automated testing, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the best results for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business's QA needs.


Manual testing


Requires minimal setup and can be easily integrated into the testing process with little upfront preparation.


Manual automation is generally cheaper than automated tests because it does not require specialized tools and can be performed by human testers.


Useful for testing applications that undergo frequent changes, as it allows testers to quickly adapt to new features without the need to constantly update automated test scripts.


Manual automation allows testers to use their knowledge and expertise to identify a wide range of bugs, including those that may be difficult to detect through automated testing alone.

Automated testing


Develop once - use indefinitely. After creating and debugging an automated test, it can be run as many times as needed.


Automated tests can help to mitigate human error because they are executed by computer programs and can include checks and balances to ensure accurate results.


Automated tests can offer a higher return on investment (ROI) because they can be run repeatedly and quickly with minimal additional effort.


Automated tests are particularly well-suited for large projects with a significant amount of test cases, as they allow testers to efficiently and consistently execute a large number of tests

Testing consulting

Quality assesment

Our team will assess current quality assurance processes, determine your long-term objective, establish a baseline for efficiency and productivity, determine and document quality gaps, and make a plan to increase efficiency. Our team of testing consultants has the expertise and experience necessary to provide valuable insights and recommendations for improving your quality assurance processes and achieving your long-term quality objectives.

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